invest in your time and education

I – Know-how
There is an intensive „KW session“ on social selling every month. Get know-how in the form of case studies, best practices, workflows and hacks to effectively scale your social selling experience for your prospects.

II – Updates
You will also get an overview of what is changing in the field of Social Selling advertising and how companies are affected in the market. For example: If covid changes the way we meet new people only, it creates a new selling format, you will find out from us.

III – Experienced experts
We present case studies from our holdingĀ  or invite selected experts from our partners in our network to participate in the monthly „KW Session“

IV – Community + Q&A session
Become part of a community of Social Selling nerds in the field of marketing. Exchange ideas, make new contacts and ask your questions.
Live Q&A session
Do you need help optimizing your social selling strategy? No problem. Submit your question including screenshots and we will answer them in the monthly Q&A KW sessions.


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